Problems in tournament organization and how to overcome them, part 2

2 August 2022
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The FCapp application was created to facilitate the process of organizing sparring matches and football tournaments using a set of functionalities, so that the time saved can be translated into catching up on other issues, confident that everything will be done at a high level.

Instant creation process allows to reduce the time spent so far and to reject the traditional version with many formalities. The process of adding a tournament event in the application takes just a few moments. With a Trainer/Organizer account in the events tab, one selects the tournament format, then completes the form that appears. Entering the appropriate parameters, such as the number of groups and fields, the number of days of competition, or additional planned breaks is up to you, the rest will be done for you by the app! It’s a good idea to include a promotional tournament poster and rules and regulations, so that each user has constant access to them. It only takes a few minutes and we have the event ready in the app.

The all-accessibility of the FCapp means that a coach from all over the country can apply for your tournament! All the submissions that appear are listed in the event details. You certainly won’t miss any of them, as you will receive a notification every time someone wants to participate. It is up to you whether to accept or reject a given application.
Above all, tell the coaches of the invited teams to join your event themselves through the app, that way they will be up to date with the changes before the games start and what is already happening during the games. Should any of them insist on the traditional method and not join the event through the app, you can add their team manually, with the option to upload a coat of arms. Don’t worry, when he sees how smoothly the running of the tournament went, next time he will already report to you via FCapp 😉

When there are enough teams, approve it. A table or group division will form automatically. Of the functionalities that the app offers at this stage is any configuration in the layout by swapping teams between groups manually or drawing the groups any number of times. If everything is already in order, in the Schedule – Phase One tab you will find a button that will do the most difficult and tedious work for you – the creation of the schedule. With a single click, our system will prepare the schedule according to the set parameters in no time. You can use this button

The organizer’s problems and challenges that FCapp solves

1. Completing the cast and joining the tournament

The event created in the app is public, so we can receive and send applications and invitations to teams from any corner of Poland. Increased recognition and reach of organized tournaments works positively on their image. It is enough to go into the details of the tournament and when inviting teams, enter the name in the search engine. With each new submission from outside, we will receive a corresponding notification. It also works the other way. Along with your team, you can join the events on the list or use the search engine and filters to reduce the scope.
No more wasting time or checking groups with announcements, no more making multiple phone calls.

2. Level selection

In the application, we have prepared special rankings for you, making it easier to choose when selecting an opponent:
– sports level,
– organizational level,
– fair-play

Coaches can rate the opponent’s team after the games, thus giving it the appropriate feedback, but it is also an excellent reference for other seekers. A collection of reliably entered ratings is a mobilizing factor for lower-reviewed teams, and for those at a high level, it’s a differentiator that will pay off in invitations to future soccer events

3. Creating a schedule

Backing up schedules and dedicating a good portion of your day to proper scheduling is a thing of the past. By going through the tournament form in FCapp and filling it with hard data like:
– number of teams
– number of days
– a framework of tournament start and end dates and times
– number of pitches
– duration of matches
– additional breaks
makes the process of creating a tournament schedule very easy. Once you’ve assembled the tournament cast and approved the tournament, you have the option to edit in groups, as well as any amount for changes in the schedule automatically, thanks to the app button, or by swapping selected match pairs manually. Everything at hand on your phone in just a few minutes.

4. Coach-parent-player communication

The FCapp app keeps the communication process between trainer-parent-player to a minimum. The coach, through a few clicks on the phone, can create a sparring match, join a competitive tournament and compile a lineup for it. For someone who has not used the app before, this may seem irrational.
First of all, FCapp gives you the opportunity to create an account with the appropriate account type, which allows us to use the assigned functionalities as:
– Trainer
– Parent
– Player
If the child does not use his own phone, the parent can add him as a protégé, after selecting the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and then completing his data.
The coach, having already created a team, after entering its details, adds the player to the squad, searching for him in the list that appears. Automatically to the account of the player or also the parent comes a notification of invitation to the team. Once accepted, the player’s name appears in the lineup. With each subsequent trip to a match or tournament, the process looks similar. The coach again with a click sends the appointment, and a push with specific information appears on our phone. Depending on our options, we can accept or reject it. No calls made, no group surveys, no additional questions.

In addition, there are heart icons next to events, teams and users to indicate the number of people watching. What does this mean in practice? When you select it in the individual tabs at the bottom of the screen, they go to a separate submenu Favorites.
When a team or player participates in a match and tournament, we get a notification with information, so you won’t miss anything!

5 Data Archiving

Archiving is another plus on the side of the application. Every match played, tournament, goal scored and other player statistics – you can find all this in FCapp.
On the basis of the data, the coach can make an assessment of how his team is developing, see what results his team has achieved. Any fan can see how the tournament went and check the doings of his favorite team. The parent, together with the player, can review the statistics entered, and for the scout this is a solid basis for further observations, which will soon be translated into the preparation of dedicated reports.

6 Results

The Polish Football Association’s resolution to play without a score for the under-12s has not necessarily translated into the perception of this by the entire soccer community. Some will agree, while others argue that results are a component of development in soccer. In the app, you can arrange a schedule, with the goal of going smoothly through the tournament, but you can just as easily enter match results. If players are added to your team, the goal scorer can be selected from the list that appears when you click the plus icon. If not, there’s an option to enter the player’s number, or to mark a suicide goal. Everything is automatically counted into the scorer’s table and rating without any additional intervention. Even when a score is incorrectly recorded, just click + or – next to the team where the change should be made, and it will record according to the scheme. It’s a clear and transparent way to run a tournament smoothly, not least because it can be accessed by any user of the app.

7. Add referee/co-organizers

The preparation process is the time to divide the responsibilities for the entire staff also already for the duration of the games. No matter how many people are involved, they can all be attached to one event as long as they have an account created. This ensures that communication between you is smooth and all movements and changes are synchronized. Also, this works for judges. With a few clicks on your phone screen, you select the goal scorer and finish the match with the score automatically saved – all through the app. It is no longer necessary to run over to the organizer’s table during or after the meeting is over, in order to hand over the details. This results in even greater fluidity and no downtime. And most importantly, no goal will be missed!

8. Forced interruptions

Weather conditions and other random tournament problems through which we are forced to change meeting times or tournament duration is nothing terrible for the application. You can at any time enter an additional break in a given group, which will move by the specified value, lengthening or shortening it as needed. In this way, you can wait for developments with great peace of mind.

One tool like FCapp allows you to respond instantly to problems that arise unexpectedly.
Don’t let it take away the pleasure of working on sports event preparation! Download the app and take your organization to the next level!

Mateusz Łagożny

Expert in working with FCapp users - collecting comments, suggestions, warm words and those not so warm.