What is FC.APP?

9 November 2022
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There’s so much more to being a football coach than training your players. Getting your teams to compete in friendlies and tournaments more often than not requires you spending many hours of your valuable time organising fixtures . FC.APP increases coaches’ efficiency up to 30 per cent by automating event organisation and facilitating coach-player-parent communication.



Let’s kick-off with friendly matches. A coach, wanting to play a match this coming weekend, will need to call dozens of other coaches at the beginning of the week to establish who’s available. Most coaches cannot confirm their participation immediately – they need to contact their players or players’ parents. Many hours or possibly days will pass before the coaches return to the organising coach with positive or negative information.

The first team to confirm is in luck, as they will play the match. As for the remaining teams, unfortunately their coaches will lose even more of their valuable time as they will need to inform their players the match is off.

How can FC.APP help? A coach looking to play a friendly match simply uploads an event on the app. The event automatically notifies an extensive database of coaches in the area. Teams keen to sign up and play a match and the organiser are informed in real-time. Once suitable opponents are selected, the app automatically notifies everyone. The selected coaches call up their squads with a single click in the app, and their players confirm their participation with another simple click.

What about tournaments?
Imagine a much more complicated and time-consuming process than organising friendly matches. Signing up, drawing groups, creating schedules and tables…

FC.APP generates the schedule and, if required, modifies it in real time. Each step of a tournament requires a summary of results as teams move from phase to phase of a tournament – selecting top scorers or ranking teams or players. Traditionally, this required even more time spent counting and summarising data, whereas FC.APP sorts it all out automatically.

What’s more, FC.APP encourages fan and parent participation by allowing them to simply and quickly upload player stats during a game. Their uploaded data facilitates and simplifies spotting future talents no matter where they train.

Organise or join an event and see how much time you get back. FC.APP – just play the game.


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